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An obsessive focus on raw materials and cooperation with high-quality partners guarantee outstanding results. We only process selected cocoa, in collaboration with Valrhona, Domori and
Icam, companies of excellence, certified and socially committed to the countries of origin and harvest of the cocoa beans.
To achieve the best balance of taste, smell, texture and smoothness, we selected cocoa beans from the sub-equatorial zone: Ecuador, Santo Domingo, Madagascar and Ivory Coast.
The two last mentioned are the countries of origin of the cocoa beans that make up our GEMMA 71% blend.
Research and experimentation for a flavour in perfect balance between a slight acidity and a good roundness that fades away leaving a fruity aftertaste. A total passion for the cocoa bean, the territories where it grows, the aromatic contaminations that result and the subsequent processing. Research, knowledge and experimentation are our proof of a lifelong love.

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